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Lone-Ranger Evangelism

They all flopped disastrously. I had to quickly adjust and begin to ask some searching questions both of myself and the people I was trying to engage. One really influential community in Niddrie that impacts our culture and, indeed, our church is the travelling community.

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Women in Ministry: What Are The Barriers To True Friendship & Meaningful Evangelism?

They have a long, established history in the area and I have a real burden for the women and a desire to see them saved and discipled. In my interactions with the few girlies I do know from the travelling community I have been very mindful of the differences in our culture and worldview.

I have, therefore, purposefully engaged my brain and spend a lot for my time in observation and looking for cultural connectors in terms of the gospel. All of us, particularly women who live outwith schemes, need to reassess our own cultural blind spots and worldviews as we begin to engage with women who may look like us and speak the same language but who, in actuality, are completely different to us in so many ways.

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Service Providers. Key Worker. The problem is tat in the schemes people have lots of key workers for almost every area of their life. We need to build our relationships with people on different lines if it is going to aid natural evangelism and discipleship. We need to pause and think about the little things that we do. Consider going for coffee as an example.

Invest, Invite, Evangelize

When I go for coffee with my friend s we will usually fight over who pays at the till. If everything is travelling in one direction in our relationship s then we will find it hard to shift direction onto an equal footing.

Missional Evangelism Quotes

We have to put ourselves out, make an effort and do real life with people. But, the foundation of a good friendship lends itself to natural opportunities to share the gospel. In truth, if we are honest, most of us prefer clinical, controlled actions that fit into our neat schedules. If we are struggling to evangelistically engage with women then we need to ask ourselves what the problem is. What kind of relationships are we currently pursuing with people, particularly those not like us?

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What foundation are these relationships built upon? Service providers? I felt like I needed to run up to everyone and blurt out the good news. What helped me those first few months was reading the life of Jesus. I discovered Jesus worked in a team.


Before he even called his first disciple, he was in partnership with the Spirit and the Father. Instead, we read of the Spirit settling on Jesus in visible form and the Father so unable to contain his excitement that he burst out with a loud shout of approval for his Son. Whatever Jesus was about to do, he was not alone; the whole Trinity was involved. I also learned that Jesus had a lot of conversations with other humans. Instead we read of Jesus asking people questions before he heals them, and engaging in deep conversations about their lives.

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Listening to God and listening to people were both important practices for Jesus. There are numerous examples of Jesus having conversations and working in partnership with the Trinity. His encounter with the paralyzed man in John is a great example. In this story, Jesus walked into a crowd of sick and disabled people.

But instead of healing every individual, he approached just one of them.

How to Listen Like Jesus for Meaningful Spiritual Conversations | Evangelism

He asked this person, a man who has been physically challenged for decades, if he wanted to be healed. The man said he had no one to take him to the famed magic pool of healing nearby. The religious leaders then became irritated because the healing took place on the Sabbath and therefore broke their sacred religious codes. In other words: Jesus had been listening to the Father and following his lead. There was one man he was being prompted to approach that day. So he focused on that individual for that moment. Despite being God, Jesus had become so fully human that he relied on the leading of the Father and the Spirit rather than his own divine insight.

And why did Jesus ask the man if he wanted to be healed?

Meaningful Evangelism Meaningful Evangelism
Meaningful Evangelism Meaningful Evangelism
Meaningful Evangelism Meaningful Evangelism
Meaningful Evangelism Meaningful Evangelism
Meaningful Evangelism Meaningful Evangelism
Meaningful Evangelism Meaningful Evangelism

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