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Why Does the Bible Say So Much about Widows?

It must be visible and practical. It visits widows and orphans in their trouble as well as maintains moral purity in an evil world.

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All Over Scripture Much earlier in my ministry, I began to include widows in the public prayers of the church where I was the pastor. Called to Imitate God In line with this, God commanded that the nation of Israel care for widows, being diligent to not isolate them or take advantage of their vulnerability. Caring for Widows Brian Croft , Austin Walker This book calls church leaders to take biblical exhortations to care for widows seriously, offering wise guidance and practical suggestions for ensuring that widows in their congregations receive the support and encouragement they need.

Crossway is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that exists solely for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel through publishing gospel-centered, Bible-centered content. Learn more or donate today at crossway. Not only did Jesus see many rich people deposit large offerings into the temple treasury, He also saw an impoverished widow give two small coins which were nearly worthless. How did Jesus know that this widow had given in two little coins? The Lord explained that the widow had contributed more than the rich, more than all of them put together is being suggested here, she put in everything she had, while the rich had simply given their left-over change.

This is the difference between a collection and an offering, when we stand outside a supermarket we usually find someone rattling a collection box and if we like the cause, well do our shopping and give them any spare change we have left over. If she literally gave everything she had and only had two coins to her name, this speaks volumes about her faith in God to take care of her daily needs. Her offering was a reflection of her heart.

She is the example of sacrificial living which is in contrast with those who spend their wealth on everything else but reluctantly give God the left-overs, Matthew She gave because she truly loved God and expressed her love for Him through her giving, 2 Corinthians , 1 Corinthians Many modern churches seem to regard large donations more highly than small ones. Some honour wealthy donors in special ways and allow them more influence in church policy, occasionally they even ridicule small contributions as unworthy of the Lord. To Jesus, the gift of the widow, while having almost no monetary value, was worth much more than the large and impressive donations of the rich.

The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible
The Widows Topical Bible The Widows Topical Bible

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