The Prince of Possum Walk

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Scientists were excited to spot a huge spider eating an opossum, but you might have nightmares

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Family Care Cottage - Possum & Bilby

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Possum Walk - Trailer

Sign in. Forgot your password? No No, I don't need my Bookworld details anymore. Maroon's quick response to concerns about drainage and flooding problems in the vicinity of Possum Point Road. The meeting included an indoor discussion and a field visit to Possum Point Road. The only citizen invited to the meeting was Leo Sentiger, who was allowed to bring one neighbor, Barbara Tennant.

In this meeting Prince William Public Works officials confirmed that their watershed study, initiated in response to citizen outcry about stormwater issues, was focused on the Dewey Creek watershed.

My Possum Problem, and How it Finally Ended

Although the County had informed residents that fixes must wait until the study was completed, the great majority of affected homes on Possum Point Road lie outside the Dewey Creek watershed making it difficult to understand how the study can help solve resident's problems. County representatives again agreed to revisit the approved site plan, including a quantitative assessment of pre- and post-development stormwater for the Possum Point residents not in the Dewey Creek watershed. DCR representatives put forward a two-step solution: mitigate excessive water runoff from the Southbridge development to protect existing homes and then address problems on Possum Point Road if stormwater fixes fail to prevent flooding.

Afterwards they plan to have a public meeting in order to allow public review and discussion. The DCR representatives first examined the slope behind Mr.

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Sentiger's house, where they noted that rainwater flowing off the Southbridge property was being shunted into a wide channel. Although the plan shows a series of terraced ledges to slow the headlong rush of water, the reality is a 45 degree slope with black silt fences propped up by chain link fences. Bill Olson noted that the weedy vegetation hid significant drainage issues noting that erosion problems were clearly visable in March and April before spring growth masked the problems.

He pointed to areas where stormwater had undercut the remaining super silt fences black silt fences backed by chain link fencing and other signs of drainage problems. July 4th Sale! Show More Show Less. Distance: 6. Reviews Photos Recordings 9. Sort By. Kelly King. Josie Sova. Kaleb Raybon. A good short hike. Jessie Jacoby.

Possum Point Road

Friday, June 01, Ashley E. Irish Oden. Saturday, February 03, Jared Toomey.

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Wednesday, October 11, Preston Johnson.

The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk The Prince of Possum Walk
The Prince of Possum Walk

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