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An experimental work, it opened at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway in April , but was critically panned and closed after nine performances. Lansbury had played the role of crooked mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper, and although she loved Sondheim's score she faced personal differences with Laurents and was glad when the show closed. The director's first choice for the role had been Rosalind Russell , who played Mame in the non-musical film adaptation Auntie Mame , but she had declined.

Lansbury actively sought the role in the hope that it would mark a change in her career. When she was chosen, it came as a surprise to theatre critics, who believed that it would go to a better-known actress; Lansbury was forty-one years old, and it was her first starring role. Everything about Mame coincided with every young man's idea of beauty and glory and it was lovely. Reviews of Lansbury's performance were overwhelmingly positive. In this marathon role she has wit, poise, warmth and a very taking coolth. And it lasts as long as you are on that stage and as long as you keep coming out of that stage door.

The stardom achieved through Mame allowed Lansbury to make further appearances on television, such as on Perry Como 's Thanksgiving Special in November The show opened at Broadway's Mark Hellinger Theatre in February , but Lansbury found it a "pretty depressing" experience. Reviews of her performance were positive, and she was awarded her second Tony Award on the basis of it.

Reviews of the show more generally were critical, however, and it ended after performances. Set in the Deep South , it dealt with issues of racism, with Lansbury as a wealthy alcoholic who seeks sexual encounters with black men. A controversial play, it opened in Boston but received poor reviews, being cancelled before it reached Broadway. She portrayed the mistress of a dying New England millionaire, and although the play's reviews were mixed, Lansbury's acting was widely praised.

She had initially turned down the role, not wishing to be in the shadow of Ethel Merman , who had portrayed the character in the original Broadway production, but eventually accepted it; when the show started in May , she earned a standing ovation and rave reviews. The show eventually reached Broadway, where it ran until January ; a critical success, it earned Lansbury her third Tony Award. Desiring to move on from musicals, Lansbury decided that she wanted to appear in a production of one of William Shakespeare 's plays.

Directed by Peter Hall , the production ran from December to May , receiving mixed reviews; Lansbury later commented that she "hated" the role, believing it too restrained. Reviews of the production were mixed, although Lansbury was again singled out for praise. In the film Lansbury starred alongside Ustinov and Bette Davis , who became a close friend. After being offered the role, she jumped on the opportunity due to the involvement of Sondheim in the project; she commented that she loved "the extraordinary wit and intelligence of his lyrics.

In , she took on the role of an upper middle class housewife who champions workers' rights in A Little Family Business , a farce set in Baltimore in which her son Anthony also starred. It was critically panned and induced accusations of racism from the Japanese-American community. Although Lansbury was praised, the show was a commercial flop, with Lansbury noting that "I realised that it's not a show of today.

It's a period piece. Lansbury hoped to get away from the depiction of the role made famous by Margaret Rutherford , instead returning to Christie's description of the character; in this she created a precursor to her later role of Jessica Fletcher. She was signed to appear in two sequels as Miss Marple, but these were never made. Returning to musical cinema, she starred as Ruth in The Pirates of Penzance , a film based on Gilbert and Sullivan 's comic opera of the same name , and while filming it in London sang on a recording of The Beggar's Opera.

Happy at Last. In , Lansbury was offered 2 main television roles, one in a sitcom and the other in a detective series. Unable to do both, she chose to do the detective series despite the fact her agents had advised her to accept the sitcom. Lansbury described the character as "an American Miss Marple ". Fischer , Richard Levinson , and William Link , who had earlier had success with Columbo , and the role of Jessica Fletcher had been first offered to Jean Stapleton , who declined the role, as did Doris Day.

Although critical reviews were mixed, it proved highly popular, with the pilot having a Nielsen rating of I hate violence. Lansbury was defensive about Jessica Fletcher, having creative input over the character's costumes, makeup and hair, and rejecting pressure from network executives to put her in a relationship, believing that the character should remain a strong single female. Kupferberg described the series as "a television landmark" in the U. By , one third of viewers were under age As the show went on, Lansbury assumed a larger role behind the scenes.

The move was an attempt to attract younger viewers and was encouraged by Lansbury. Lansbury was angry at the move, believing that it ignored the show's core audience. Throughout the run of Murder, She Wrote, Lansbury had continued making appearances in other television films, miniseries and cinema. Potts in the Disney animation Beauty and the Beast , an appearance that she considered to be a gift to her 3 grandchildren. Following the end of Murder, She Wrote, Lansbury returned to the theatre.

Although cast in the lead role in the Kander and Ebb musical The Visit , she withdrew before it opened due to her husband's deteriorating health. Popper's Penguins , opposite Jim Carrey.

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She's completely off-the-wall but utterly secure in her own convictions. On June 2, , it was officially announced that Lansbury would return to Broadway in the —18 season in a revival of Enid Bagnold 's play The Chalk Garden. The play was produced by Scott Rudin at a theatre to-be-announced. Filming began at Shepperton Studios in February , and the film was released in December Lansbury describes herself as "an amalgam of British, Irish and American" although throughout her life she has spoken with an English accent.

It is what the British call reserved," [] adding that she was "as concerned, as sensitive, and as sympathetic as anyone might want in a friend. Lansbury has been married twice, first to the actor Richard Cromwell , when she was 19 and Cromwell was Cromwell and Lansbury eloped and were married in a small civil ceremony on September 27, The marriage ended in divorce in , but they remained friends until his death in Not many people can say that.

They had two children of their own, Anthony Peter b. While Lansbury repeatedly stated that she wanted to put her children before her career, she admitted that she often had to leave them in California for long periods when she was working elsewhere. In the latter part of the s, Anthony and Deirdre became involved in the growing counterculture movement and started using recreational drugs. Deirdre developed an acquaintance with the Manson family , while Anthony became addicted to cocaine and heroin, giving it up in As a young actress, Lansbury was a self-professed homebody, [] commenting that "I love the world of housekeeping.

Scott Fitzgerald as her favorite author, [] and cited Roseanne and Seinfeld as being among her favorite television shows. A interviewer for The New York Times described her as "one of the few actors it makes sense to call beloved," noting that a article in People magazine awarded her a perfect score on its "lovability index.

She has been recognized for her achievements in Britain on multiple occasions. It's a lovely thing to be given that nod of approval by your own country and I really cherish it. Lansbury has never won an Emmy Award despite 18 nominations 17 of them Primetime Emmy Awards for which she was nominated over a year period. As of , she held the record for the most Emmy losses by a performer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British-American actress and singer. Regent's Park , London , England [1].

Actress singer songwriter producer writer. Richard Cromwell m. Peter Shaw m. That's where I got my sense of comedy and whimsy.

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As for the English half—that's my reserved side But put me onstage, and the Irish comes out. The combination makes a good mix for acting. But my husband recognised the signals in me which said 'I've been doing enough gardening, I've cooked enough good dinners, I've sat around the house and mooned about what more interior decoration I can get my fingers into. My husband is a very sensitive person to my moods and he recognised the fact that I had to get on with something. Mame came along out of the blue just at this time. Now isn't that a miracle? Nobody there did. I was just Mrs. Find out more here.

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Please note the discount does not apply to the pre-booking service, for full terms and conditions, participating car parks and locations visit Q-Park. For evening performances a theatre bar will be open from 6. For matinee performances a theatre bar will open at 1. Philip has worked as an actor with the Royal Opera in Nabucco with Placido Domingo and also with the Bolshoi and Mariinsky ballet companies. Joseph L Mankiewicz was a Hollywood film director, screenwriter and producer.

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He wrote 48 screenplays and directed 20 films. In , Orr and her husband director-playwright Reginald Denham , adapted the short story into a play of the same name, which was produced off-Broadway in From to , he was Artistic Director of the Holland Festival, presenting a varied selection of international theatre, music, opera and dance. Jan Versweyveld joined Toneelgroep Amsterdam recently renamed International Theatre Amsterdam in as a regular scenographer and photographer.

Close traveled for several years in the mid-to-late s with a singing group called Up With People and attended Rosemary Hall now Choate Rosemary Hall , graduating in The group's stated mission was "to write and sing songs which would give people a purpose and inspire them to live the way they were meant to live. When she was 22, Close broke away from MRA. During her senior year of college, Close became inspired to pursue a career in acting after watching an interview of Katharine Hepburn on The Dick Cavett Show. During her years at school in Williamsburg, she also starred in the summer-time outdoor drama, "The Common Glory," written by Pulitzer Prize author Paul Green.

She played Robin Williams ' mother, despite being just four years older. The following year she played Sarah Cooper in The Big Chill , a character that director Lawrence Kasdan said he specifically wrote for her. The movie received positive reviews and was a financial success. Close became the third actor to receive a Tony, Emmy, and Oscar Academy Award nomination all in the same calendar year after the release of The Big Chill. In Close was given a part in Robert Redford 's baseball drama The Natural , and although it was a small supporting role she earned a third consecutive Oscar nomination.

Close, to this day, credits her nomination to cinematographer Caleb Deschanel , stating ''That hat was designed so the sunlight would come through. We waited for a certain time of day, so the sun was shining through the back of the stadium. And he had a lens that muted the people around me. It was an incredibly well thought-out shot. And I honestly think that's the reason I got nominated. Eventually, Close began to seek different roles to play because she did not want to be typecast as a motherly figure.

Close was given favorable reviews and even received her second Golden Globe Award nomination, but the movie was critically panned and under-performed at the box office. Initially, Jane Fonda was attached to the role, but was replaced with Close when she requested changes in the script. Producer Martin Ransohoff was against the casting of Close because he said she was "too ugly" for the part.

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Close eventually heard about this and said she didn't want Ransohoff on set while she was making her scenes. Director Richard Marquand stood by her side and sent Ransohoff away. Infuriated, Ransohoff went to the studio heads trying to get Close and Marquand fired from the picture. The studio refused, stating they were pleased with their work in the film. In , Close played the disturbed book editor Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction ; this was the role that propelled her into stardom.

The movie became a huge box-office success, the highest-grossing film worldwide of that year. The character of Alex Forrest has been considered one of Close's most iconic roles; the phrase "bunny boiler" has even been added to the dictionary, referring to a scene from the movie. During the re-shoot of the ending, Close suffered a concussion from one of the takes when her head smashed against a mirror.

After being rushed to the hospital, she discovered, much to her horror, that she was actually a few weeks pregnant with her daughter. Close stated in an interview that, " Fatal Attraction was really the first part that took me away from the Jenny Fields, Sarah Coopers—good, nurturing women roles. I did more preparation for that film than I've ever done.

She played a scheming aristocrat, the Marquise de Merteuil, in 's Dangerous Liaisons. Close's final film role of the decade was Immediate Family , a drama about a married couple seeking to adopt a child. Sunny's children publicly criticized the movie. It was the first Shakespeare role that Close had ever attempted on screen she appeared in in a stage production of King Lear in Milwaukee. Close would later go on to join the cast of The House of the Spirits , reuniting her with Jeremy Irons.

She also had a cameo appearance in Steven Spielberg's Hook as a pirate. In the same year, Close became a trustee emeritus of The Sundance Institute. Close appeared in the newsroom comedy-drama The Paper , directed by her good friend Ron Howard. She would go on to appear in the alien invasion satire Mars Attacks! Close's portrayal of Cruella de Vil was universally praised and earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a comedy. The following year, Close appeared in another box office hit with Air Force One , playing the trustworthy vice president to Harrison Ford 's president.

Ford stated in an interview that the role of the vice president was already written for a woman and that he personally chose Close for the role after meeting her at a birthday party for then-president Bill Clinton. In , Close provided the voice of Kala in Disney's animated film Tarzan. She later went on to receive great reviews for her comedic role as Camille Dixon in Cookie's Fortune Close began to appear in television movies rather than doing theatrical films in the early s.

She returned as Cruella de Vil in Dalmatians Although the film received mixed reviews, it performed well at the box office. Close later filmed The Safety of Objects which premiered in , a movie about four suburban families dealing with maladies. This was Kristen Stewart's first film role, and Close and Stewart would later reunite in the film Anesthesia.

She provided the voice of the Blue Fairy in the English version of Pinocchio and Granny in the animated film Hoodwinked Close continued to do smaller films like Le Divorce and The Chumscrubber In the same year, she starred in the film Heights , an independent drama centered on the lives of five New Yorkers. Close's performance was lauded by critics. In , she acted alongside her friend and previous co-star Meryl Streep in the ensemble drama Evening.


This would be Close's final theatrical film role of the decade, since she began to star in her own television series, Damages Close was asked about her contributions to independent films, to which she responded "I love the casts that gather around a good piece of writing certainly not for the money but because it is good and challenging. Sometimes I've taken a role for one scene that I thought was phenomenal. Also my presence can help them get money, so it's I think a way for me to give back.

She had previously won an Obie in for her role in the play on stage. She had been working on the film, in which she appeared alongside Dalmatians co-star Mark Williams, for almost 20 years, and aside from starring in it, she co-wrote the screenplay and produced the film. While the film itself received mixed reviews, Close received rave reviews, as it was noted for being her most subtle and introverted performance yet and a departure from her other roles. Close was asked about the fact of not having an Oscar during the film's awards campaign, for which she answered: "And I remember being astounded that I met some people who were really kind of almost hyper-ventilating as to whether they were going to win or not, and I have never understood that.

Because if you just do the simple math, the amount of people who are in our two unions, the amount of people who in our profession are out of work at any given time, the amount of movies that are made every year, and then you're one of five. How could you possibly think of yourself as a loser? Caldwell, a scientist researching a cure to save humanity. Close garnered widespread critical acclaim for her performance in the released drama The Wife which had first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

It centers on Joan Castleman played by Close who questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is set to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. She earned her seventh Academy Award nomination, her fourth time being nominated in the Best Actress category, which has made her the most nominated actress without a win. She was widely expected to win the Oscar due to her aforementioned wins, but ultimately lost to Olivia Colman for The Favourite.

It was announced in that Paramount wanted Close to play Norma Desmond in a remake of Sunset Boulevard , though the film is still in early development. Close made her television debut in with a small role in the anthology series Great Performances. Close began to do television movies in the early s beginning with The Elephant Man and in , starred in the critically acclaimed drama Something About Amelia , a Golden Globe -winning television movie about a family destroyed by sexual abuse.

She appeared alongside Keith Carradine in Stones for Ibarra , a television film adaption from the book written by Harriet Doerr and produced by the Hallmark company. In the s, Close starred in the highly rated Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie Sarah, Plain and Tall , as well as its two sequels.

She also impersonated the title subject of the fact-based made-for-TV movie Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story in , for which she won her first Emmy. She guest-starred on Will and Grace in , portraying a satirical version of Annie Leibovitz , which earned her an Emmy nomination for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. Close has also hosted Saturday Night Live in and in Close stated that she made the right move because television was in a " golden era " and the quality of some programs had already risen to the standards of film.

Shortly after her stint on The Shield , Close was approached by FX executives who pitched a television series for her to star in. In , Close played the ruthless and brilliant lawyer Patty Hewes on Damages for five seasons. Her portrayal of this character was met with rave reviews and a plethora of award nominations , in addition she went on to win two consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series. She also kept in contact with her co-star Rose Byrne , and the two have become friends. After the series ended, Close stated that she would not return to television in a regular role, but that she was open to do a miniseries or guest spot.

In , Close made a cameo on Louis C. In , Close starred in a half hour comedy pilot for Amazon , titled Sea Oak.

The pilot premiered online with viewers voting to choose if it wanted Amazon to produce the series. Although it received favorable reviews it was not picked up. Close started her professional stage career in at the age of 27 and her film work in at Close has had an extensive career performing in Broadway musicals. She began performing in , and received her first Tony Award nomination in for Barnum. In she won her second Tony Award for Death and the Maiden. David Richards of The New York Times wrote in that "Glenn is giving one of those legendary performances people will be talking about years from now.

The actress takes breathtaking risks, venturing so far out on a limb at times that you fear it will snap. It doesn't. In , Close performed at Carnegie Hall , narrating the violin concerto The Runaway Bunny , a concerto for reader, violin and orchestra, composed and conducted by Glen Roven. The production received mixed reviews, although the cast was praised. She was hospitalized but later recovered and finished the remaining shows. It opened on February 9, in a limited run, selling tickets through June 25, The production features a piece orchestra, the largest in Broadway history.

As The New York Times called it "one of the great stage performances of this century.

Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train
Theatrical Like A Golden Train Theatrical Like A Golden Train

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