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D in biochemistry. She and her husband moved to London for four years where they worked as research scientists. They returned to Melbourne where she worked in the field of cancer research and eventually ran her own research laboratory. She began writing romance novels as a hobby, but due to her success she became a full-time novelist.

Her first book, Tangled Reins, was published in Desire's Prize. Montisfryn and Eloise meet and sparks fly. He is intrigued. The gauntlet is flung, the challenge accepted. And desire enters the fray.

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A Novel of , words. A medieval historical romance in the classic style, this work contains multiple explicit love scenes. Laurens has a real talent for writing sensuous and compelling love scenes. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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The Bought Bride. A wealthy A wealthy landowner, she would fill the king's coffers well if one of his knights were to marry her. Judhael de Brionne accepted the challenge. They were perfect for each other.

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Alaun was so understanding, protective and loving towards Eloise. Eloise is strong, practical, wary and sometimes a big too stubborn. I enjoyed seeing their love progress. The descriptions of the castle and surroundings were amazing,I felt like I was there! The book could have been scaled down some and still achieved the the desired result. I love long books in general but not when it is full of fillers. This book was 15 hours long--about 5 - 7 hours more than needed IMO. Which brings me to issue 2, I love a good steamy romance more than anyone else and enjoy the sex scenes but I found myself ffwd'ing through many scenes there were so many and they were over long at times.

Despite those two issues I really enjoyed it.

Desire's Prize (Audiobook) by M. S. Laurens |

Overall I'd rate this about a 3. I am slowly starting to get into Regency and Victorian and SL's books are high on my list to read. I say that because I don't want to give the impression that the two issues I had with the story would keep me from this author. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style, she writes beautifully. The narrator Jim McCabe was great, I enjoyed his accents and tones.

He was perfect for the time setting. Entwined in this enjoyable and captivating story is snappy dialogue, drama, danger, a few battles, humor, lust, sex and a fierce and passionate romance that is slow to heat up but when it does WOW it's a lot hotter than any of her previous books. Eloise was married off at 15 to a pervert but luckily for her it was a short marriage which has left her never wanting to marry again and so, 9 years later, we find her the beautiful, but sharp tongued, efficient Chatelaine at her Father's Castle.

There is going to be a Tournament which encourages Knights and Lords to partake in all the fun, revelry and events with many wagers being won and lost. However, when handsome, intelligent and proud Alaun who's an Earl and a Knight, rides in Eloise's patience is about to be tested as clever Alaun tempts her into wagers Alaun has been ordered by the King to marry and when he sees the beautiful, confident, capable and intelligent Eloise he decides to make her his So starts a slow romance of Alaun's wagers being won and his prizes eagerly taken and, as the two battle it out, Alaun sensually awakens desires and longings Eloise never knew existed.

Then, through trust, mutual caring and respect, love eventually blooms. Worth a credit? If you want to get lost in a very good Medieval romance that's been written by a gifted author So, YES creditworthy and I hope she continues to write many more stories from this period in time.

I really enjoyed this book.

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There was no long wait for the romance to begin I'm not complaining Not too graphic I love the interaction between the two main characters. I laughed some What it lacked was some real danger in the storyline. There was some but it seemed like a last minute addition Maybe I just wasn't convinced of the severity of the danger. The narrator did a good job. I'm not a huge fan of male narrators, but Jim McCabe does a good job and his female voices are not ridiculous sounding I think it is credit worthy I wanted to give it 3. This is the first book I have read by Stephanie Laurens that is set in Medieval times.

I have enjoyed, to varying degrees, her Cynster family novels. I am of two minds with this book, which I purchased as an audiobook. The first is that I enjoyed all the characters and the way the way the H and h had a slowly deepening love for each other. Laurens is a master of clever dialogue and steamy, heartfelt bedroom scenes.

My problem, as ever, is the seemingly unending roadblocks that are thrown at our couple. Truly, two instances of narrowly escaping death is plenty. Except for the epilogue, which is lovely, the last hour and a half were completely unnecessary. I knew the H and h were in love, they knew, and so did everyone at the castle. I have noticed this tendency in her Regency era books, but it seemed I could tolerate it less in this book. I really enjoyed the performance of the audiobook and would listen to the performer again. He did an excellent job with female voices and differentiated very well with a great many male voices.

I will have to think hard about purchasing another book set in this timeframe by Ms. The details in the book were well done and probably the reason I kept listening when I thought the book had become over long. I really liked this book, not your typical highlander story. This is the story about a Widow, granted she was Widowed at about 14 years old!

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Anyway, she's strong willed and eventually she returned home to her father and pretty much ran his house, even though he had a new wife and even her brothers had wives Our Hero enters the story and he likes the spunk of our heroine and one thing leads to another and she is basically tricked into going back home with the man to run HIS house See, little known fact It's a nice tale from start to finish and a LOT of steamy scenes, very graphic steamy scenes What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

This was really disappointing, Half way through the book and I don't care about either main character. The narration and flow of the book is bad. Would you ever listen to anything by M. Laurens again? Not unless I see some really awesome reviews. How could the performance have been better?

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